Handling Recommendations

Here are some tips to help you handle found items.

If you have specific questions please contact


Cash should be held for a ‘reasonable’ period of time. If the cash is not claimed after this period, the Client can choose to bank the cash, donate it to charity, or use it to offset the administration costs of handling lost property.

Credit/ debit cards

Check the back of the card for instructions (e.g. NatWest cards state “If found, please return this card to any branch of NatWest”).

If there are no instructions, then the card should be confidentially destroyed.

Confidential documents

Contact the owner or confidentially destroy.

Dangerous items weapons / explosives / gas / corrosives / drugs / contraband

Hand in to the police or contact your local police station for them to collect safely.

Driver’s License & ID cards

Driving licenses should be sent untouched to:

SA99 1AB

For ID cards, contact the relevant institution for their advice.

Medicine / EpiPens

It can be dangerous to bin/flush medication down the toilet as it could be found by children/vulnerable adults.

The medication should be taken to a local pharmacy who will dispose of it safely. Medical equipment and hearing aids can usually be donated to doctor surgeries or pharmacies.


Passports should be cancelled by cutting off the top corner, before being posted to:

Her Majesty’s Passport Office
Globe House
89 Eccleston Square


Items should be disposed of at the end of each working day.