Ideas to increase your hotel’s profile this summer

The end of the spring bank holiday triggers businesses and guests alike to now turn their attention to summer, the peak revenue season for hotels and resorts. With the weak pound increasing demand from foreign tourists alongside an increasing trend of people enjoying more staycations, standing out from the crowd is becoming more important in enticing and retaining guests. New marketing ideas for hotels this summer don’t have to be complicated. There are plenty of punters looking for a memorable summer experience, so it’s up to hoteliers to think smart and increase hotel revenue in peak season 2019.

Family Hotel summer deals

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The reward and risk of standing out online

Following the historic rise of social media, having an online presence is key to attracting new guests to your hotel. More than 60% of travelers use social media platforms when they shop, search or visit new places. Tourists rely on good recommendations, not only whilst on holiday, but months before in the decision-making stage.


Tourists use social media for recommendations before booking a trip

Being useful to your guests and directing them towards correct sources for the hotel – and to local highlights – makes a huge difference. Generally, trends have shown that people are more likely to post about a negative experience than a positive one. Therefore, having an active online presence is important in demonstrating excellent customer service. Doing so can also cut down on unnecessarily harsh reviews.

We’ve come up with a few fundamental hotel practices to solidify a brand worthy social presence for hoteliers, helping hoteliers to differentiate themselves from the fierce summer season competition:

Update your online look and feel for summer

Theming your website and social media content to highlight the hotel’s summer activities, menus and deals are key. The overall website feel can have an instant impact on online bookings, so make your online touch-points look and feel summery. Having an antiquated or contrasting season palette on the website could cause a negative effect, as the summer marketing ideas begin at a hotel’s native online touch-point, the website.

Actively respond to guest reviews across all social channels especially TripAdvisor

TripAdvisor is Ranked #1 for travel and tourism and #193 globally for monthly online traffic! 

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With over 300 Million monthly visits it is essential for hoteliers who want to stand out to have an active presence on here. The more senior the staff member providing responses, the better.

London has recently been ranked the #1 tourist destination by TripAdvisor visitors. The Savoy Hotel is consistently one of London’s most in-demand hotels. Below is a uniform calibre response to a review left on the hotels TripAdvisor page, something that The Savoy Managing Director – Philip Barnes, saw fit to handle personally.

Best online hotel reviews

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With over 1090 pages of reviews on TripAdvisor for The Savoy, it’s no wonder they keep their rooms full when the MD is consistently conversing with (and learning from) his guests.

Run a social media campaign

Share to win competition

With all the effort, planning and budget that goes into making your guests have a memorable stay, who’s to say you can’t have your guests do some free promotion for you?! Organic traffic and interactions are easier to generate than ever right now with social media. This can be used to a huge advantage if looking to grow your hotel’s online presence.

Example Post

Example social media competition post

By making the entry criteria as simple as following and sharing your social channels, hotels can see huge upticks in people to market for future campaigns. It sounds simple enough because it is, however it is something that is rarely practiced in the hospitality sector.

This again pertains to the previous point about the tourist and recommendation culture. Social media impressions can snowball massively if the audience targeting is done correctly.

A hotelier’s secret weapon – (psst. It’s lost and found software)

An often overlooked issue that all hotels face is the handling and processing of lost property. We’ve all lost something before and had the feeling of panic and distress when trying to get an item back. By having an efficient, easy and quick process in place your staff can ensure that the guest has the best experience possible.


Through the NotLost platform, staff can log an item in a matter of seconds with a simple picture. This is then viewable in real time by all members of staff at the hotel, meaning that every guest enquiry around lost property can be handled immediately and professionally. The enquiries process is reassuring too. Website lost report forms and automatic emails will provide the guest with clear instructions for next steps and help to manage their expectations. 

Communication is key, whether that is online or in person, as it gives the guest a clear indication that they have been heard. Returning lost property is a fantastic way to go above and beyond for your guests and provide them with unique and outstanding customer service at your hotel.