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NotLost is the quick and simple way for theme parks to manage lost and found

For those working at theme parks, large volumes of lost property and affiliated enquiries are a familiar sight. NotLost empowers organisations to modernise their lost property process, shredding the time it takes to find and return items by up to 80%. Free up time for your staff and allow them to focus on other value adding work, whilst at the same time delivering a memorable customer experience.

Key benefits

Save time

Reduce the time spent managing lost property by up to 80%

Reduce hassle  

Automate the lost and found process using state-of-the-art software 

Improve customer experience 

Respond to enquiries promptly and return more items of lost property 

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How does NotLost work?

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“The uploading side of things is brilliant. Literally just take a photo and write down where it’s found. Then it’s done – it takes less than a minute.”

Assistant Customer Services Manager, Alton Towers Resort Theme Park

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