“NotLost has helped us improve the way we handle our lost property, making the process much smoother and quicker for our team.”

Customer Services Manager, The O2 


NotLost is the quick and simple way for arenas to manage lost and found 

For high footfall music arenas, large volumes of lost property and affiliated enquiries are a familiar sight. NotLost empowers organisations to modernise their lost property process, shredding the time it takes to find and return items by up to 80%. Free up time for your staff and allow them to focus on other value adding work, whilst at the same time delivering a memorable customer experience. 

NotLost register on smartphone

Key benefits

Save time

Reduce the time spent managing lost property by up to 80%

Reduce hassle  

Automate the lost and found process using state-of-the-art software 

Improve customer experience 

Respond to enquiries promptly and return more items of lost property 

Key benefits

NotLost register on smartphone

Quick and simple

Register items in under 10 seconds using image recognition software

Fast and accurate

Manage enquiries with personalised website lost report forms

Customer experience 

Offer an excellent customer service at what is often a distressing time  

“The search functionality and the ability to check what items have been handed in by picture has been incredibly beneficial to our guests”

Customer Services Manager, The O2

“Their responsive team is a large part of what made this service work for us.”

Customer Services Manager, The O2 


What To Do With An Old, Lost Passport in Your Lost Property

What To Do With An Old, Lost Passport in Your Lost Property

A passport is an incredibly important piece of documentation. It has someone’s full name, date of birth, passport number and often a home address or address of their emergency contact. However, passports are also incredibly easy to lose. Over 300,000 people misplace...

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