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I’ve Lost My Bank Card, Help!

No matter who you bank with in the UK, a lost bank card can be a huge inconvenience. As account holders we feel It's your bank's responsibility to deal with the issue as swiftly and securely as possible. However, amongst fancy financial perks and great...

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Festivals: What get’s lost?

2018 marked a busy summer on the festival circuit for lost property aficionados NotLost. Festival goers throughout the summer we're busy losing cares, worries and figurative marbles in suitable fashion. Sadly, these things may be gone for good. However, personal...

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London’s Lost Property: What happens?

Festivals, music venues, public transport and visitor attractions – everywhere you look, the scale of London’s lost property issue is astounding.According to a report in the Sunday Express, adult Londoners lose roughly 1 item per week.A staggering 3000...

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