NotLost is the transformative lost property software solution that enables organisations to modernise their lost and found process 

About Us

NotLost was born in 2017. Since then, our team has worked steadily to create an innovative yet simple lost and found software for business. We are proud to work across a wide range of industries, from hotels to transport, and with some of the most well-known venues, visitor attractions and universities across the UK and internationally. We know what it takes to turn your lost property office into an efficient and modern operation.

Our Mission

  • We’re passionate about helping return more items of lost property to their owners, using a modern and innovative software solution
  • Our aim is to enable your organisation to spend more time on the important things, simplifying what can be a time-consuming and inconvenient job
  • The NotLost team works continuously to optimise our software by adding new features and learning from customer feedback 
  • We believe we can achieve our mission whilst ensuring a positive impact on our partners, communities and the environment. That’s why we promise that all items are responsibly sorted through charity partners, recycled or ethically disposed
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Meet the Team

Alex Horne co-founder and chairman of NotLost

Alex Horne

Co-Founder & Chairman

Sam Nash Co-Founder & Head of Operations of NotLost

Sam Nash

Co-Founder & Head of Operations

Russ Oliver Co-Founder NotLost

Russ Oliver


Nik Hole Advisor NotLost

Nik Hole


Rory Cole Business Dev Exec of NotLost

Rory Cole

Head of Business Development

Anna Norris Head of Finance & Administration of NotLost

Anna Norris

Head of Finance & Administration

Rob Ray Co-Founder of NotLost

Jamie Evans

Product Manager 

Rob Ray Co-Founder of NotLost

Joe Balacky

Business Development Executive

Rob Ray Co-Founder of NotLost

Meg Bailey

Marketing Executive 

We’re proud to work alongside charity partners and recycling and ethical disposal facilities